Werrington Dental Clinic

Our practice consistently delivers great quality dentistry, attracting customers from Werrington to our dental clinic, providing modern dentistry techniques to fast emergency appointments.. At Dentist on Queen, you can be confident that we’ll always provide you with the most innovative dental techniques and equipment available in the industry. We offer a range of comprehensive services including orthodontics, teeth whitening solutions, dental implants, crowns, bridges and ceramic veneers; as well as wisdom teeth procedures and laser dentistry. Whether you’re after a basic check up or even more advanced cosmetic dentistry, our goal is to ensure you feel confident and walk out with a smile.


Children’s Dentist in Werrington

At Dentist on Queen, we offer bulk-billing services in St Clairs under the Child Benefits Dental Schedule for all eligible children. For young kids, the formative years of their dental development are the most rapid and crucial. As your child’s teeth and gums start to develop during the early years, they are more prone to cavities and tooth decay. During the twice-yearly scheduled visits, our dentists can help identify small cavities before they enlarge and become painful. When detected at an early stage, small cavities can be treated with regular fillings that are non-invasive for your child.


What Do We Offer? 

  • Our children’s dental care goes beyond the teeth and gums. Our comprehensive services encompass a full evaluation of airways, jaw and facial development, tongue-tie, tongue thrush and general oral habits.
  • We provide custom sports mouth guards for teeth and jaw protection.
  • We provide quality orthodontic and orthopaedic treatment, fissure sealing and preventative fillings, dietary evaluation and home care advice.
  • We can also offer your children laughing gas or IV sedation if they require that extra assistance to calm their nerves.

During the same session, we will also give your child’s teeth a thorough clean to get rid of plaque and tartar, administer fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth against cavities and teach them how to brush and floss properly. It’s all part of the service at Dentist on Queen.


Dr. Lu is an experienced dentist in St Clairs, located in the suburbs of Western Sydney. Schedule an appointment today on (02) 9623 1261 and let us look after your oral health

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