Wisdom Teeth




Let us help!


Dentist on Queen removes wisdom teeth on a regular basis and not all wisdom teeth require surgery. However, if you do require surgery or if you are particularly nervous, we have one day per month of Intravenous Sedation where we have a trained anaesthetist come in to administer anaesthetic and the procedure can take place whilst you are sleeping. Please contact us to book your consultation to see if we can help or refer you if your wisdom teeth require specialist attention.


Bone grafting for implants


Jaw bone is preserved through chewing. When teeth are extracted, this stimulus is removed.  The bone “resorbs” into the body and most of this bone loss happens in the first year after an extraction. This continues on, leaving very little bone if you have had missing teeth for a long period of time. Bone grafting or augmentation is required if there is insufficient bone to support the implant.  


To prevent this bone loss, we provide you with the option of socket grafting at the time of an extraction. This is particularly useful if you plan on replacing the extracted tooth with an implant in the future.

What else can we do to assist the healing process?


A more recent development in dentistry is CGF. CGFs, or concentrated growth factors, and stems cells are derived from your own blood using a state-of-the-art centrifuge. It is safe because the product you are treated with is your own blood. CGFs accelerate healing, reduce post-operative pain and reduce the risk of infection.

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