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Children's Dentistry


We Bulk Bill Medicare for all eligible children under the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedules.


 What Do We Offer? 

  • Our children’s dental care goes beyond the teeth and gum. Our comprehensive children’s dental care encompasses evaluation of airways, jaw and facial development, tongue tie, tongue thrush and oral habits
  • We provide custom sports mouth guards for teeth and jaw protection
  • We provide quality orthodontic and orthopaedic treatment, fissure sealing and preventative fillings, dietary evaluation and home care advice
  • We can also offer your children laughing gas or IV sedation if they require that extra assistance to calm their nerves


Why Regular Dental Checks Are Important To Children

For children, the formative years of their dental development are the most rapid and crucial. In fact, your child’s dental journey can begin as soon as the first milk teeth start to erupt.


As your child’s teeth and gums start to develop during the early years, they are more prone to cavities and tooth decay. During the twice-yearly scheduled visits, our dentists can help to identify small cavities before they enlarge and become painful. Detected at an early stage, small cavities can be treated by regular fillings that are non-invasive for the young patient.


In addition, our dentists also check your child for any functional problems that may affect the oral facial development including the jaws and general health. Functional issues – such as tongue tie, tongue thrust, thumb sucking, mouth breathing, airways issues, snoring, enlarged tonsils and adenoids – should be properly managed or treated as early as possible before they cause any permanent damage during the child’s formative years.


During the same session, the dentist or hygienist can give your child’s teeth a thorough clean to get rid of plaque and tartar, administer fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth against cavities and teach them how to brush and floss properly.


Adults need it too!


Of course, adults need regular dental checks as much as children do. Regular dental checks are a great investment for everyone!


People who avoid getting their teeth regularly checked and cleaned often find themselves spending more money (and time) to fix major dental problems that should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago. In the long run, regular Dental Check Ups Can Save You Money – and in some cases, a painful ordeal!


To make an appointment for a Comprehensive Dental Assessment, call the friendly team at Dentist On Queen (located on 97 Queen St, St Marys, NSW 2760) at (02) 9623 1261 today!