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In modern dentistry , there are so many different types of filling materials available which can be very confusing .Broadly speaking, fillings can be categorised into direct fillings and indirect fillings.

Direct fillings are the ones that dentists can directly place and build up on the teeth . Some example of these fillings are old type silver alloy/amalgam fillings which are not widely used nowadays. Modern filling materials are composite resins , glass ionomer cement, resin modified glass ionomer cement,  compomers etc.

Indirect fillings are made outside the mouth such as inlay, onlay, crown, veneer etc. These fillings can be made outside the mouth by mean of impression and mould  of the teeth  or in modern dentistry , we can use CAD CAM technology to capture 3D images of the teeth , design and make indirect fillings . Some of the fillings material available for indirect fillings are Gold, ceramic, glass ceramic, Zirconia, resin ceramic etc.

At Dentist on Queen, our caring Team will always advise you the most suitable filling option for your individual situation after thorough examination .